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VisitTallinn Media Bank allows you to view and download videos, high resolution (300 dpi or 72 dpi) photos and different publications of Tallinn free of charge.


Das Revier am Finnischen Meerbusen gilt schon länger als Geheimtipp für Törns in der Ostsee. Wir geben einen Kurzüberblick über die wichtigsten nautischen Informationen

Schon immer gab es Segler, die den Ostseerevieren um 60 Grad Nord viel abgewinnen konnten. Eines der reizvollsten Segelreviere im Reich der weißen Nächte ist zweifellos Estlands Inselwelt

Der Süden FINNLANDS ist ein tolles Ziel für die Segelferien, nur leider viel zu weit weg. Es sei denn, man segelt mit einer Charteryacht von ESTLAND aus hin. Eine Reisereportage

A long-forbidden cruising ground has opened up as the shadow of history finally recedes over Estonia, says Dick Durham

For most travelers, countries like Italy, France and Austria are a must when backpacking through Europe but very few ever consider adding Estonia to their itinerary, which is a shame because Estonia is truly a European gem. 


Estonia, a secret well kept on the coast of Baltic Sea, is much closer and accessible than you think. Its winding coastline is by far more lengthy than its land border, surrounded by roughly 2000 islands. Vibrant atmosphere packed with many regattas, Estonia is a place well worth exploring by boat.

Estonia has smaller and bigger yacht marinas to choose from located across the coastline and islands. In a matter of days, or in some cases hours, you can reach Estonian ports and marinas from neighbouring countries such as Finland and Sweden. By the shortest route from northern coast across the Gulf of Finland to Finland is just 25 nautical miles.

Source: Sail in Estonia webpage

  • Sailing season may-october

  • Water temperature +20 c, air temperature +22-30 c.

  • There are almost no permanent currents in the Baltic Sea, the speed of tidal streams is weak and the main driving force of currents is the wind. 

  • Popular day trip destinations nearby Tallinn include the islands of Aegna, Naissaar and Prangli.

  • Estonia’s summer capital Pärnu is perhaps the most popular sailing destination in West Estonia with its famous sandy beaches. From here you can easily sail on to the tiny islands of Kihnu and Ruhnu.

  • Slightly up north, you'll find resort town Haapsalu, from here you can make a brief crossing over to Hiiumaa and Saaremaa islands. 

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